Insight Of The Day Oct 15, 2018
Insight Of The Day Oct 15, 2018

Insight Of The Day for Oct 15, 2018

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Insight Of The Day, 288.

Think and grow Rich was and is a GREAT Classic book on success

Have you heard about the newest book with the Napoleon Hill foundation called STICKABILITY - The Power of Perseverance ?

The path to personal and professional success is not a one-way street. Most people encounter setbacks and obstacles that threaten to derail them from their chosen route. The most successful people, however, adhere to their principles and goals, capitalizing on hidden opportunities, even in the face of what many would consider unconquerable obstacles.

To coin a new word—these people have STICKABILITY!
(It’s time to Think and Grow Rich…Again)
Get this book today, its excellent

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